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Creek dwellers pack up to leave

Lee County-- People who live on Cypress Point Circle in Lee County are evacuating their homes. The Kinchafoonee Creek rose quickly overnight and surprised the people who live there.

Brenda Allen's recreation vehicle home was clear last night when she left. This morning it was flooded by the swift waters. Allen was not home, but her neighbor's saved her 12 dogs.

This morning, friends helped her salvage what was left. "I had a shed on the outside that had a lot of stuff in it," she said. "I had one whole dog pen that's gone, It's gone down the river now. I've got a four wheeler that's chained to a tree out there. I've got a riding lawnmower that's gone."

A number of friends and neighbors are helping evacuate the homes surrounded by water. Lisa Worrell came home from camping to find the water near her garage, and quickly started to evacuate. The water is about four feet from the floor. A number of homes already have water surrounding them, cutting them off from the road.

Margaret Clarey lives in a mobile home across the road from the Kinchafoonee and is waiting anxiously for friends to help her evacuate. The water is already at her steps, as she waits for trucks to move her furniture, and it is still rising. But state experts say the water will be cresting today, so it is not expected to rise considerably more.

Still the people living along the Kinchafoonee are moving out, to make sure the waters don't carry away their belongings.

The Flint River is quite a scene in Albany, but luckily no homes are in danger of flooding here in Dougherty County. The river washed out parts of Front Street downtown behind the Civic Center. That portion of the street could be closed for days until the water recedes.

Veteran's Amphitheater is underwater and crowds are coming to the Riverfront Park to see the high waters. The Flint River was at 29.59 feet in Albany and is expected to crest tomorrow morning at about 32.2 feet, 12 feet above the flood stage, but four feet lower than the river crested in 1998.

In Radium Springs, a house next to the spring has water in the back yard and driveway. Emergency management is watching the house closely as the water continues to rise. EMA officials say if water reached your house in 1998, monitor the level closely. But, they aren't advising anyone to evacuate right now. But, there will likely be water in some yards and streets. Several holes of Radium Springs Golf Course are already flooded.

The Riverfront Celebration, planned for this weekend, has been canceled because of the flood waters at the Riverfront Park downtown. Albany Tomorrow will reschedule the event and a new date will be announced soon.

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