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Flint River swallows golf course

Albany-  Water is now rushing through the gates at the Georgia Power Dam into the Flint River. Workers hope to move the water as fast as they can downstream to prevent as much area flooding as possible but some are still catching the overflow.

"It's going to be kind of exciting the next 24-36 hours to just sit here. You can't do anything about it. You're just watching the water just creep up and creep up," says Radium Springs Country Club owner Darrel Ealum. The sun is going down over the Radium Springs Country Club but the river surrounding it is steadily rising, spilling over the dikes onto the golf course.

A flag marks the spot where part of the back nine is now covered in water. By morning, the entire back nine may be engulfed. "We're just hoping and praying that it doesn't come up on the front nine and into the clubhouse," says Ealum.

Club owner Darrel Ealum is very concerned. He worried water would reach his maintenance barn so he quickly went down to move equipment to higher ground. Now he has to sit through the night to see the depth in the morning. "It's an act of nature you know it's nothing you can do. I learned a long time ago to worry about the things you can change and don't try the things you can't," says Ealum.

A sign on the property shows how the Flint River normally surrounds the course. Now a water moccasin swims through what it thinks is the river. But club owners are looking at the positive side.

"If it just eases up and eases back down maybe it'll just be some time that we'll have a beautiful sight and we'll have the water's edge a little closer," says Ealum.

And they're waiting for morning to see just how close the water will come.

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