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Muckalee cause for most concern

Lee County- It doesn't take long to move anything with at least 20 sets of helping hands.

The Blands still have the water mark on the wall from 1998, so when they heard the waters may be a foot higher, they made a call for help.

"All we did is call our family and friends and say 'We're flooding,' and they packed up and came over. We had 20 people here in no time," said Teresa Bland.

They were hit hard in 1994 by the flood, so when they rebuilt, they built up. So in moments like this, it's just a matter of cleaning out the patio.

"We love living out here on the water, so might as well be ready for it," said her husband, Neal Bland.

Friends and family lifted and loaded everything that needed to be taken to higher ground. When most of the work was done, they crossed the street to help elderly neighbors cross a road they've been down before.

"They're actually more of a concern for their house and belongings than ours," Bland said. The Blackburns have been hit by the last two major floods.

"But with them it will get in the house and to their furniture," she said.

But with at least 20 sets of helping hands, they may just get everything out in time to keep the Blackburns from losing anything else to the waters of Muckalee Creek.

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