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Holding ponds, drainage canals overflow

Dougherty County-- The heavy rain also caused holding ponds and drainage canals to overflow, washing out some roads and flooding yards.

Near Abagail Plantation off Gillionville Road in Dougherty County, a drainage pipe burst flooding the road. Abagail Road is impassable now and might be for days. And Dougherty County public works officials says the pumping stations are overwhelmed so holding ponds around are flooding into streets and yards.

The scene on Brook Haven Court in west Albany has improved since Sunday, but the street is still flooded. The residents report water was lapping at the thresholds, but never got in the homes.

Over on nearby west Alberson, the city set up pumps to relieve the flooded streets there. A corvette was flooded in yesterday's downpours. Remember not to drive through a flooded street, the water is often deeper than you think and it can be dangerous!

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