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Crisp, Worth experience flood problems

Crisp County-- Floodwaters have caused problems for drivers and extra work for road crews throughout much of South Georgia. In fact, they're still surveying the damage.

In Crisp County, Rhaine Station road is washed out. Crisp County Schools are out for spring break this week, so it wasn't a problem for buses. Public works crews are staying busy, shutting down McKinney Road Monday. “We been busy every sent yesterday morning and probably be until late this afternoon we still got more roads we gonna have to go on and close off,” said Supervisor Bobby James.

Cannon Road had to be rebuilt after the flood of 1998. Now, it's washed out again. Just one of many areas in south Georgia made impassable by runoff from two days of heavy rain.

Similar problems in Worth County Monday. Part of Five Ash Road remains covered with water, and the bridge is washed out. That prevented school buses and mail carriers from getting through today.

People who live nearby say they've seen flooding problems before, but they've never seen this area completely washed out.

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