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West Albany roadways flood

Albany- Heavy Rains put a damper on their egg hunt, but the children in West Albany found another way to have some fun.

"We didn't get to hunt Easter eggs because of the rain, but they got to play, it's fun for them," said Haley Gordon, Meadowlark resident.

Several blocks along Meadowlark were left underwater when a retention pond spilled over turning Meadowlark from a roadway into a river.

"When it rains really hard like this in the spring, we usually have this happen, so its not bad," said Dee Matthews, another Meadowlark homeowner.

The water was deep enough to force a SUV driver to think twice about trying his luck and for some to enjoy an afternoon canoe ride.

"We just thought we'd get a little stream action, I mean it's not often you get a creek, a river running through your front yard, so we through we'd investigate a little bit," said Bert Kilpatrick.

Some neighbors however, weren't as lucky. Along West Alberson, a car was turned into a submarine and waters covered the roadway and reached all the way to the corner of one house. Many cars were forced to turn around and find another way.

The flood waters were an unwelcome Easter site for residents along Brookhaven Court. Sheldon Horton came home from church to find his new home, unreachable. The watery find didn't dampen his spirits.

"I knew that it looked to be a problem when I was leaving but even during the time at church I was just praying for the best," said Horton.

The holding pond behind Horton's home overflowed turning the house and several neighbor's homes into small islands.

"I've only been here since the 24th, the 24th of March made a month," said Horton.

His neighbor had to pack a bag when she couldn't get her car out of the garage, and with flood waters dampening the welcome mat at the front door Horton said he would deal with the potential mess inside as best he could.

"I pray that there isn't much damage. My neighbor was out here when it was worse because he said it has gone down a little bit. He said that there were some trucks, some big vehicles coming through and pushing waves, I pray that it didn't go on the inside," said Horton.

Neighbors will have to wait for the waters to recede to see how badly their homes were damaged.

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