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Apartment community flooded

Leesburg- The Stonegate Manor Apartments in Lee County were surrounded by water. It was difficult for people to get in or out of the parking lot leaving them stranded inside. 

Residents were warned the night before to move their cars to the higher end of the parking lot to avoid flooding A Manager says she's never seen waters this high at the apartments but the biggest concern was for the elderly residents' safety.

 "We're flooded and I have a lot of elderly people out here," says apartment manager Carol Henry.

"There's a lot of elderly people out here and I like to check on them and make sure there okay, because the first apartment, it's [water] about three feet from the door and I don't want her to be stranded and she can't get out," says resident Stephanie Hernandez.

Many people could not step off their front porches due to the high waters.  Heavy rain is to blame for the flood.

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