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Residents deal with flooded streets and lawns

Dougherty County-  In Dougherty County, many cars were turning around at the sight. "We went to church this morning and when we came back the water had come over the road," says Dougherty County resident Donald Miller.

Drivers are turning around at the sight of deep, untreadable water. "If you get off in there, you're probably going to be about three foot deep down in here," says Miller.

He's lived on Edith Road for about a year and a half and has never seen the water rise this high. Hard rainfall filled his lawn and the street in front of his house, leaving him and his family stranded in their home.  Dougherty County workers are testing the waters and keeping busy throughout the storms.

This is the worst I've seen since the 94, 98 floods," says Dougherty County Public Works employee Booker Saylor. By afternoon the rain settled down a bit, but not before leaving a house on Holly Ridge Road surrounded in water. What used to be a lawn is now a temporary lake.

"This is the first time it's happened and I've been here for 35 years and I've never had it happen like this before," says homeowner David Cravey. Before midnight he looked out and saw the water up to his front stoop and this morning looked out to see it even higher, prompting him to call Public Works.

"I fed them a little lunch and they been right here with it ever since," says Cravey. Since morning they've pumping water from his yard on one side of the road to the other side and they're helping as many residents as possible.

"Just trying to keep everybody dry and doing the best we can," says Saylor. And that involves keeping all cars and homes above water.

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