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Gymnastics help local kids reach their goals

Lee County- The competition awards young athletes for their skills but the competition means much more than that. The sport helps to make them develop and reach their goals.

Saturday afternoon on the outside of No Limitz Gymnastics the flag was waving below cloudy overcast skies but inside the enthusiasm level was through the roof. "Go No Limitz!," says the No Limitz team. This is the first No Limitz Gymnastics Invitational. It's in a brand new facility but there's years of confidence.

 "I love to compete against other people and get medals and trophies," says ten year old Brittany Woods. Brittany loves to tumble and do all types of flips, exercises that teachers feel make her wholesome.

 "Gymnastics is very important. Besides the physical aspects it develops, we work on good sportsmanship, we work on self motivation. We try to build up positive self-esteems," says coach Cathy Millhof. Healthy self-esteem will help children maintain confidence in themselves and in this competition there's no such thing as a loser.

"In order to try build up their self-esteem and their confidence, we give an award to everybody on every event," says Millhof. Gymnast Casey Millhof says, "I was really excited. At first I came in and I was nervous but then I just loosened up and said I can do this." And Casey Milhof is no stranger to awards. She made first place all-arounds, two firsts and two seconds. She feels gymnastics will help her to reach her long-term olympic goals.

"I think it helps me because you're practicing, practicing and you're working up to your goal and once you get there, you get there," says Casey. But the sport helps them on and off the competition floor. It mixes discipline with recreation. "We want them to have fun as well as learn and work hard, so we try to balance all of that," says Coach Milhoff.

 A balance that will help them reach their dreams. "To go to the olympics and be the greatest in the world," says Brittany.

So they're flipping and swinging their way to the top.

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