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Kids group promotes Internet safety

Albany- It was a fun lesson for kids with a serious topic, Internet safety. Students with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Albany participated in a NetSmartz Workshop.

Students were told never to give out personal information and always alert an adult if something online makes them feel uncomfortable. Parents also learned how their kids may get around their watchful eye.

"You can get on there and actually figure out what your kids are talking about, like BRB, Be right back, so you can learn the chat lingo and all that. Kids do use the code words to let somebody else on the Internet know, my parents are in the room," said Kelley Bradshaw, former Miss Albany.

The Boys and Girls Clubs wanted students to learn about online dangers before letting them use the Internet for school projects and educational games. is a safe web site that does not link to any outside sources. It also has helpful hints for parents. If you want Kelley to provide your group with information you can contact her at (229)436-6002.

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