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Technical college graduates find success

Albany- John Bell has an interesting job.

"Basically this is a product that we've developed, it's an encased platinum screen in it's own containment system," said Bell.

It's being used in places like the Albany Mall for advertising.

Bell is the co-owner of Matrix, a graphic design business started by John and his brother-in-law Chris, with skills learned at Albany Technical College.

"Technical school just seemed to be more me, more what I wanted to do. I didn't have to stay for four years and I got an education that I needed and used it," said Bell.

The company designs everything from digital signs to vehicle graphics. John credits technical school for allowing him to start his own business and make it successful.

"We went out and bought some large printers and took a chance and it's worked out ever since," said Bell.

Albany Technical College President Dr. Anthony Parker says, stories like John's make the college go back and re-evaluate their successes.

"It gives us some indication of the shelf life of our instruction what students do later on, how they evolve in their training, how they go back and add to their educational opportunities," said Parker.

Ninety six percent of the graduates who responded to the survey say, they would recommend the tech schools to others.

"We certainly want them to find good employment after they graduate, but we certainly are interested in knowing how well they are sustained in employment as they went forward," said Parker.

John says, his technical studies have a lot to do with where he and his business are going.

"It's given me personal skills, customer service skills, design skills, computer skills, it's just helped me gain jobs, to help me where I am at now," said Bell.

Last year, Albany Technical College had a job placement rate of 99 percent. Eighty seven percent of those graduates were place in their field or a related field.

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