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Georgia tornadoes born in 'Bama storm system

Mitchell County-- Tuesday's devastation likely was caused by several tornadic supercell thunderstorms.

Cleanup has begun in much of Miller and Seminole counties. At first glance, the devastation there leaves little doubt that one or a series of tornadoes ripped through northern Seminole and southern Miller counties. Huge trees snapped like toothpicks. Even a piece of a dresser drawer driven into the ground.

Tellas Jones says he heard and saw the tornado as it ripped across his neighborhood. Just down the road, a woman was killed when this trailer was demolished. Her car was lifted and set down about a 100 feet from where it was originally parked.

Many trees in the area were twisted and crushed along the storm's path, which will likely be confirmed as several tornado touchdowns.

It is likely a series of storms moving East-Norhteast from Houston County, Alabama, into Miller and Seminole counties produced several tornado touchdowns.

The National Weather Service is still surveying the damage and will probably issue a complete assessment of the devastation Thursday afternoon.

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