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Home sweet home

Albany-- The long anticipated wait is finally over for the South Georgia Wildcats. For the first time since moving to Albany from Fayetteville, North Carolina the Wildcats got an up close and personal look at their new home, the Albany Civic Center.

|The Wildcats practiced for a little over three hours Wednesday night in the Civic Center, just hours after workers installed the astroturf. Up until Wednesday, the Wildcats had been practicing on the campus of Albany State University.

Wednesday night's practice gave the players an opportunity to not only get used to the turf, but also the length of the 50 yard field and the padded walls. Wildcats coach Chris Siegfried says he's impressed with the way the civic center looks with the new field and thinks the fans will be too.

"It's just great to come inside and finally see the turf down in the arena. I've been telling people all along, you know 'Wait 'till you see the arena with the field down', and it looks great," Siegfried said.

"A lot of guys, especially the new guys that have never played arena football, it's culture shock. To come in here and see how this field is enclosed, it's smaller, everything happens a lot quicker you have to be able to react and execute plays a lot faster than on a big field," linebacker Roger Terry said.

The South Georgia Wildcats kick off the 2005 season on Saturday April 9th against the Macon Knights in the Albany Civic Center.

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