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Medium helps find missing Turner County man

Lynn Ann Maker Lynn Ann Maker

Ashburn- In early March, Lynn Ann Maker put up a web site offering free readings. Just last week, she got an instant message from the Wallace family in Turner County. Then, she had a dream about Greg Wallace. So, she gathered her crew and drove 17 hours from Iowa to Ashburn.

"The next day we went and I told my secretary and friend, and I said I know he's passed on, I know he's underwater," said Maker.

She says she needed a personal item from Greg which his cousin Marc provided.

"Before, I asked them to get together some stuff up for me, like I needed something of his unwashed and they gave me his jersey," said Maker.

Saturday, they drove to the area where Wallace's car was found, along State Route 41, where investigators initially searched.

"They worked very hard in trying to find him, they worked up every lead, they did an awesome job," said Maker.

Lynn says, she kept feeling that Wallace was submerged in water,"I saw trees, but I was looking up, and to me I was trying to make sense of it. What it was, he was submerged in water, and he was under the water looking out at the trees, and I was him, you know, in his body."

The group checked other locations in Turner County, but Lynn kept being pulled toward the pond. The group went to the right, but Lynn says there was something telling her to go left.

"So, I went around the tree and I was kind of looking towards where I was getting pulled. Behind some bushes, right there, he came up," said Maker.

Greg Wallace's body floated to the surface right in front of her.

"And then it just kept rising, and it kind of turned, and I could see part of his ear and the back of his neck," said Maker.

A sad end to the mystery of Wallace's disappearance, but one that gave his family some peace of mind.

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