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Homes damaged but no injuries in Mitchell Co.

Mitchell County- Tractors were rolling around Marcus and Elizabeth Collins Stagecoach Road home for hours.

"Friends and neighbors have been so wonderful as you can see. They've been here with big pieces of equipment, and just working to get all this stuff out of the way," says Elizabeth Collins.

About three o'clock Tuesday afternoon their grandson ran inside the house alerting the couple that the storm was headed their way.

"I heard this noise in the kitchen. I thought it was the dishwasher making a funny noise, but actually I think it was that roar that we hear so much about," she says.

The family took cover in the middle of the house, and it definitely proved to be the safest place to be. Other than a few broken windows and limbs on the roof the house was almost untouched, but outside it was another story.

Trees were toppled and debris was blown everywhere causing damages to the Collins equipment and vehicles.

"All the barns in the back of the house, Mark's shop where he worked on the tractors, the equipment barn where we kept the peanut pickers and those kind of things is just gone."

Family and friends spent the day helping the Collin clean up. They even brought their own equipment.

The couple says their blessed to have so many friends and to have been inside a house they say God had his hands wrapped around when the storm blew through.

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