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Family mourns sister's death

Donalsonville-- Mary Burrington was rushed to the hospital after firefighters found her. Doctors tried to save her, but it was too late.

Mary Burrington's family is sifting through what a tornado spared of her mobile home. Firefighters found her trapped under the debris before she died. "I jumped out looking for her. And then one of the guys, he said we done found her," said the victim's brother Mike L. Virgin.

Burrington was rushed to the emergency room, but doctors couldn't save the 34-years-old.

Family members say the worst part was that the hospital couldn't immediately confirm Burrington's death. "They didn't have no information on her, because she couldn't give it to them when she got there. And that worried me and worried me," said Virgin.

A cinder block foundation is all that's left of Burrington's mobile home. The tornado was so powerful it threw the trailer several hundred yards. Burrington's family says she may be gone, but they'll still have their memories of her.

The Georgia State Patrol is searching for other victims by air. At the same time, below them, Burrington's family is searching for closure. "I don't know if I can deal with it and handle it. But I'll be trying," her brother said.

What they've found so far is some comfort among one and other, "It's going to be miserable," as they remember a woman so close to them. "She was fine. She was great. And I thought a lot of her."

Now, they know what lies ahead, "It's going to be rough. You can understand that. It's going to be rough."

But they say starting over won't be a problem as long as they have each other. Burrington's family says they knew something was wrong when she didn't show up to work. They add that the ordeal is going to especially hard on Burrington's children and fiance.

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