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Students learn spring break safety

Valdosta - Lauren Ethridge doesn't know what it feels like to drink and drive, but Wednesday, she got a pretty good idea. "Everything's all burred together, its crazy!" said Ethridge.

All she has to do is drive a figure eight around these cones, but there's a catch. The fatal vision goggles she's wearing make it seem like she's under the influence of drugs or alcohol. "I think that's exactly what it would feel like," said Ethridge.

As Lauren and thousands of other V-S-U students gear up for Spring Break, the college wants to make sure they're prepared for the dangerous situations teenagers often face. "We want to give them some information on how to have a safe spring break as far as fun in the sun, drinking and driving issues, sexual responsibility," said Mark Williams, Organizer.

Local law enforcement and dozens of other drug awareness agencies are on hand to offer some valuable advice at VSU's "Safe Spring Break" fair. "Everybody always says 'Don't drink and drive' but my main message is also, don't get in the car with someone who's been drinking and driving," said Officer Vernotis Williams.

Officer Williams says next week is one of the most dangerous times for teenagers. "During spring break we always see a lot of people under 21 who are involved in these types of incidents," said Williams.

But with the lessons learned at this event, they'll be able to have fun and act responsibly, so they can safely return to class after their vacations.

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