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Multiple tornadoes leave their mark

This landing used to provide entry to a mobile home. Now it stands alone. This landing used to provide entry to a mobile home. Now it stands alone.

Miller County-- There is heavy damage from the weather in Miller County. the brunt of it on Highway 91 between the cities of Colquitt and Donalsonville.

Emergency crews in Miller County are working at a frantic pace. A tornado and severe thunderstorms tore through the area Tuesday. "We've seen a lot of houses totally destroyed, trailers turned upside down, a lot of trees across the road, power lines down," said Volunteer Firefighter Phillip Hornsby.

Several people were trapped under debris, and in destroyed houses. A mobile home off Highway 91 was completely leveled. Neighbor Edward Hoddges says it was a horrific experience. "The woman and her son were trapped under the debris down yonder in the field."

Paramedics rushed Hoddges' neighbors to the hospital. Since then, he's been left to clean up the remnants of his own house. "It blew the roof off, blew some of the windows out, blew off some of the awnings."

Firefighters say there haven't been any major injuries so far, mostly cuts and bruises. Regardless, they are still keeping an eye out for... "Safety, life. Just trying to make sure houses are cleared and people are OK," Hornsby said.

Emergency crews are coming from as far away as Bainbridge to help them. Their main concern is getting Highway 91 cleared for paramedics, police, and firefighters.

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