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The legend of Hogzilla continues

Alapaha - You've probably heard the legend of Hogzilla, the world record wild hog killed by a hunting guide at River Oaks Plantation last June. "It was just hard to believe," said Ken Holyoak, Plantation Owner.

The size of the hog is hard for anyone to believe, but Plantation Owner Ken Holyoak says its no myth. He measured the hog 12 feet long and 1,000 pounds. "This thing is like a monster, it looks like a hippopotamus or something," said Holyoak.

Holyoak allowed a team of forensic scientists from National Geographic to come in a few months ago and exhume Hogzilla's remains. In a documentary that aired over the weekend, they confirmed he was a world record with 17 inch tusks, but his weight was only 800 pounds and his length 8 feet long. "You can believe whoever you want to, you can believe someone who's measuring a rotten hog or someone who weighed the hog just after he was killed," said Holyoak.

Regardless of how much Hogzilla actually weighed, he has brought a lot of attention to this town. Orders are coming in from all over the country for Hogzilla t-shirts. "We sent some to Pennsylvania and Ohio yesterday," said Holyoak.

"We had a man calling this morning from New York City asking for shirts and we mailed them off to him," said Darlene Turner.

Darlene Turner sells t-shirts at the local farm supply store and gas station, and says everyone who stops by wants to hear the legend of hogzilla. "This morning and yesterday after the documentary aired, we've had several, several people come in," said Turner.

Holyoak says he has six witnesses who saw the hog before it was buried and can back up his numbers. And no matter what the scientists say, he's sticking to his story.

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