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Driving for a cure

Albany - On Monday, BMW of Albany is letting you behind the wheel. It's a partnership with the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

BMWs are luxury cars, with luxury price tags, but car after car rolled off the Albany BMW lot, as if they were free. "This is not a sales event," says Cheryl Reynolds, with the Komen foundation. She says, "This is drive for the cure, raise money for breast cancer awareness."

It's not everyday that just anyone can drive a BMW, but for today, anyone with a valid driver's license can, and for every mile driven, a dollar will be donated for breast cancer research. Reynolds says, "This is our 9th year partnering with BMW. So far, the first eight years, we've raised $8 Million and we're working on our next million for 9 Million."

Money that will help those battling with breast cancer, like Stacey Warrington did. She says, "I spent all of last year going through chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, but I'm now seeing the results and seeing another end of it and realizing that you can make it, you can survive."

And it's to help others survive that Pat Hunter came out today. She already owns a BMW, but decided to take another one for a spin to help with a cure. Pat says, "It's very important that we get out and raise money and try to knock breast cancer out." Out of the drivers seat, taking the wheel of a future that's cancer free.

This is the first year BMW of Albany participated in the Ultimate Drive Program, and they plan to continue work with the Komen foundation in the future.

posted by karen.collier@walb.com

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