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Teens may do hard time for pizza robbery

Albany-- Three Albany teenagers are charged with armed robbery, after they gave their real address to the pizza delivery service they stuck up. If convicted, they would have to serve a minimum ten years in prison for using a gun to steal twenty dollars worth of pizza.

A Domino's Pizza delivery driver was robbed at the Pinnacle West Apartments by three young men armed with a pistol Saturday night about 11:30. The robbers took a pizza, box of chicken wings, and a soft drink worth twenty dollars.

When the order was called in, they gave one apartment number, but then changed it to another apartment in the same building. Police found them at the original address. "Made contact with the original address that was given. And we found the evidence inside. The pizza box and some of the other items," said Lt. Tracey Barnes of the Albany Police Department.

The teens had eaten the food, but the boxes were sitting in plain view when Investigators came in. 16 year old Brandon Williams, 16 year old Matthew Jackson, and 17 year old Kelvin Harris are charged with armed robbery.

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