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Albany gas passes $2.00 a gallon

Albany -- Many people in the Albany area Monday, for the first time in their life, paid more than two dollars for a gallon of gas. As prices at the pump continue to soar, people say they are getting scared.

David Payton fills up his tanks at two dollars and three point nine cents per gallon. Payton said "It's too high. Really it is."

This is the first time Payton has ever paid more than two dollars a gallon, and he is not happy. David Payton said, "It's ridiculous, and it's only going to get higher and higher."

Payton has been spending about one hundred dollars a week for gas to run the truck and concrete finishing equipment for his business. Payton said "Every gallon counts. The higher it is, the more it costs my boss, and the less profit he is going to make. So we got to go up on prices too."

Experts say gas prices have not peaked. Payton said "They say it's gonna keep rising, so yes I am worried."

He has to burn the gas at work, but Payton says he and his wife are cutting back. Payton said "Less riding around for recreation. Just sit at home. Just go to work and that's it." Payton says with gas over two dollars a gallon, he is forgetting a vacation trip this summer. Payton laughed "No. No time soon, unless the gas go down some."

Crude oil prices went up again Monday, forcing gas prices at the pump to soar to new record costs.

For the first time in Albany, now over two dollars a gallon at most stations. Woodall's owner says this is the highest they have ever charged for a gallon of regular gas. And less people were buying Monday, lowering the store's profits, as well.


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