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Kiwanis Club awards art students

Albany- People say that art is in the eye of the beholder. "I kind of like the idea of a piece of artwork scrutinizing it's viewer as well as the viewer scrutinizing it," says Westover High senior Ian Fralick.

That's the motivation behind his art piece, Scrutiny. He took first place for Westover in the Kiwanis 25th Annual Art Contest. While many school systems in the United States lack funding for arts programs, this competition rewards area students for their arts appreciation.

"This is our way of recognizing young talent in the community and recognizing them with ribbons and cash awards," says Art Contest Chair Ken Rodd, Jr. And high school freshman Chantelle Young is very proud of her ribbon for second place. Her picture is still untitled but won an award just the same.

"I just love art. I just think it's another form of music because it embodies so much to people in the form of emotions," says Young. "There are a lot of reasons why art and music too are important. I think it teaches discipline," says Rodd. A discipline Chantell practices whenever and wherever she can.

Art programs in schools are said to enhance learning in other subjects and expand the creative mind. "It makes you see more emotions, and see more perspectives of things so you really grow, you're benefiting from just looking at art and doing it too," she says. She pays attention to the detail.

"Everytime I draw something, it's usually of their face. I love the face." Because it helps her face her future with each stroke of her pencil and leaders want to make sure that all students have the same certainty.

"We encourage the arts remain a part of our school curriculum," says Rodd. Because if students didn't have art in schools, Young says, "I'd go to the board of education and make it so it was."

The artwork will remain on display at the Albany Museum of Art for the next month. After that, they'll be on display at the Albany Mall.


2005 Kiwanis Student Art Contest Winners:


6th Grade:

1st Place - Christopher Clark, Radium Springs Middle School

2nd Place - Alex Robinson, Albany Middle School

3rd Place - Claire Reynolds, SWGA Home School Assoc.


7th Grade:

1st Place - Devin Clark, Robert Cross Middle School

2nd Place - Jamie Rosier, Merry Acres Middle School

3rd Place - Leigh McLerdon, Lee Co. Middle School


8th Grade:

1st Place - Akeem Ham, Merry Acres Middle School

2nd Place - Rashvin Fowler, Dougherty Middle School

3rd Place - Sarah Arnold, Lee Co. Middle School


9th Grade:

1st Place - Jamie Winder, Monroe High School

2nd Place - Chantelle Young, Westover High School

3rd Place - Michael Mullins, Lee Co. High School


10th Grade:

1st Place - Keri Frier, Westover High School

2nd Place - Devorius Kittles, Dougherty High School

3rd Place - Kawaski Robinson, Albany High School


11th Grade:

1st Place - Jessica Thompson, Albany High School

2nd Place - Amy Kwak, Albany High School

3rd Place - Kenny James, Dougherty High School


12th Grade:

1st Place - Ian Fralick, Westover High School

2nd Place - Gary Vititoe, Westover High School

3rd Place - Sarah McClain, Albany High School


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