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Southwest Georgians speak out on steroid use in baseball

Albany- It's America's favorite past time, and it's recently come under fire for the steroid use of some major league players, prompting hearings in Congress. Local fans agree baseball needs to take action when it comes to steroid use.

"I think it's a shame when your hero's come out and admit to taking steroids and some have, but I just think it's really been a mess," said Carolyn Zorn.

Those closer to the game including former Minor League player Adam Brown, says Congress should let baseball handle the situation.

"The issue is the thing, let's get rid of it, but let's weed it out. Let base ball handle it," said Brown.

Brown says, the game wasn't always like this, "If you look at the players in the last ten years, since '95, sizes have really gotten a lot bigger."

Young players at Darton College look up to the players in the majors.

"Mark McGuire helped keep baseball alive, the home run chase brought baseball back to popularity so, you look up to those guys. They give us an opportunity, of course you look up to them quite a bit," said pitcher Tommy Guin.

Guin says, their coaches openly discuss the consequences of using steroids, "We have our trainers and at the beginning of the year they warn us, you will be tested randomly. They also say it hurts you physically long term, it's not something good to do."

With the start of the major league season just weeks away fans say, they wish Congress would have waited to discuss the situation.

"I wish they had done it in the off season, rather than when the season is starting," said Carolyn Zorn.

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