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Colquitt County Soldier returns from Iraq

Doerun- It's an intimate congregation at the Live Oak Baptist Church just outside Doerun. At Sunday service, they celebrated the return of one of their own, Sgt. Leslie Hunt.

"That's our prayer, we thank you so much Leslie for being a protector of this country, for our people," said Pastor George Jordan.

Sgt. Hunt is home on a fifteen day, rest and recuperation mission.

"Sleep at night, be quiet and not get awakened by anybody, things going off here and there, It's nice," said Hunt.

His tour in Iraq began four months ago, the day after his wife gave birth to their youngest daughter, Layla.

"They're handling it okay, my wife and kids, the bad part about it was when I got back, my daughter didn't know me," said Hunt.

"The nurses had to put a note on my door that said do not disturb, I really got upset," said his wife about her husband's departure.

The family bought a picture phone, so Hunt can keep up with his girls, relieving his biggest fear, missing their day to day progress.

"The main thing I was worried about is that when I got back that they would have grown so much, and I wouldn't recognize them. I've seen them throughout the days and they didn't look that much different to me."

Sgt. Hunt can't say where in Iraq he's stationed, for safety reasons, just that he's with a division that's hauling tanks from location to location. At the end of his leave, he'll return to Iraq, but not before some family fun.

"It's the job I signed up for, but I have to go back, and I think it's going to be harder the next time I gotta go," said Hunt."

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