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Civic Center has new open container policies

Albany- The South Georgia Wildcats are preparing for their first game. "It's great to be out here. I think the fellas are excited and just ready to get this thing on," says Wildcats Head Coach Chris Siegfried.

 They'll practice hard for the next few weeks before their home opener and even in the last few hours before kickoff. "For the players, they'll be busy doing their pre-game stuff," says Siegfried.

But for the fans it's going to be a total experience. The parking lot on the corner of Front Street and Whitney is full of RV's now but come April 9th, officials want the lot full of cheering fans. "We hope that it will be packed to the max, that we have to turn them away and they cant get in," says Civic Center Director Matty Goddard.

 Friday, city commissioners decided to waive the Open Container Ordinance for all arena football games to encourage fans to come out for fun in the parking lot. But Civic Center Director Matty Goddard isn't calling it tailgating. "We're just saying a restricted area so that fans can come in to enjoy a nice, festive type of atmosphere, a safe environment," says Goddard.

A controlled environment with food and beverages. This will assist police with crowd control and prevent tailgating throughout the parking lot. "This will be better than having everyone scattered about the lots, instead we'll have one area where people come in," says Goddard.

Either way, Wildcats' Coach Chris Sigfried says early fans add an extra dimension. "It's a tradition in arena football to have the fans come in early," says Siegfried.

And they want thousands of fans to join in on the old tradition for a new addition to South Georgia.  Goddard says, "We want people to come out and have their booster club or whatever they do outside, we want them to do it."

 As long as it's safe and under control.

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