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Albany red light runners beware

Albany- In 2001, Albany passed an ordinance to allow traffic cameras to monitor intersections where motorists may be speeding through red lights. So far, no cameras have been installed. Albany Safe Communities plans to change that and will go before the city commission next month with a proposal.

When the light turns red, cars are supposed to stop, but at this downtown intersection that's often not what happens. The number of people running this red light may prompt big brother to keep a watchful on traffic in downtown Albany.

"They're looking at the intersection of Pine and Jefferson Street, to put up a camera," said Bob Alexander, director of engineering.

Other intersections were considered, but after watching 32 cars run the red light at Pine and Jefferson in one day, the city made up its mind.

"We had looked originally at putting it out at Clark and Cordele Road because there's a lot of truck traffic and people running the red lights there. There's multiple lanes of traffic and it's kind of a skewed intersection," said Alexander.

"The reason for it is, they've had a lot of right angle accidents, which kind of indicates that someone's running the red lights in one direction or the other," said Alexander.

To put up a traffic camera, like these in Thomasville, it will cost the city 150-thousand dollars. They're partnering with the state to help with costs and hopefully get motorists to stop at the red light instead of continuing through the intersection.

"We're communicating with the D.O.T on this and we plan to present this to the city commission next month," said Alexander.

Once approved and installed, it's pretty simple.

"If somebody goes through the intersection, on the red, then the camera will pick that up and take a picture of the car or license plate," said Alexander.

Tickets would then be issued to the vehicle's owner, whether they are the driver or not. It will ultimately be up to the city commission to decide when the camera will be installed, but it's something the Albany Safe Communities says is a must.

The engineering department expects the issue to be brought up at the April 19 city commission meeting.

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