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Deputy prepares for Afghan deployment

Thomasville-- The chief investigator for the Thomas County Sheriff's Office is taking on a role in the War on Terrorism. He is preparing to deploy to Afghanistan to help train the new Afghan Army.

Lt. Tim Watkins is temporarily packing his equipment at the Thomas County Sheriff's Office. He's about to take on a new mission, in Kabul, Afghanistan.

 It's a mission this instructor says he's trained all his life for. "I'm an infantry soldier." He'll be leading his unit as they help to train the 60,000-man Afghan Army.

 Watkins' fellow deputies are trying to stay light-hearted about his deployment, but they say they'll worry about their chief investigator. He says he's been well-trained for explosive devices and snipers, both of which he could face in Afghanistan.

Watkins will depart on March 28th for up to 18 months. Watkins says it's rumored the Taliban will jump-start its operations when summertime comes to Afghanistan. He says that doesn't bother him too much though, because his buddies will be watching his back, and he'll be too busy training the Afghan Army.

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