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Park gets a million dollar facelift

Valdosta - An area once filled with old, rusty playground equipment and a few picnic tables is now a beautiful park where kids and adults can enjoy the great outdoors. "I never thought it would look like this," said Gladys Carter.

"I think a lot of people are gonna come here and play," said Letamyra Arnold.

Barber Park has gotten a 1.5 million dollar facelift. The recent renovations include the addition of a fitness trail, newly surfaced basketball courts, new playground equipment, a splash play area and the city's only public amphitheater. "We're really proud of it, its got so many amenities its like something you'd see in Atlanta," said Brock.

The renovations at Barber Park are just the beginning of a long list of park projects slated for Valdosta. But to fund improvements like these, city leaders say people need to continue voting in favor of a local sales tax. "I know its a tax, but its a fair one and a lot of our visitors take part in it and its a perfect way to pay for things like this that our citizens need," said Brock.

City leaders hope the park will help attract more tourists to this area and pump more money into the local economy. "The family reunions that people can have out here and also there's a possibility of tying in with the convention center, people having conventions can come out here and do some barbecuing," said Brock.

The park is open to for the public to enjoy every day from 7:00 in the morning until 11 at night.

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