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Habitat board member quits

Americus-- The saga continues for Habitat for Humanity International. Less than two months after the board of directors fired founder and president Millard Fuller and his wife Linda, one of it's board members has stepped down.

But Habitat officials say they're weren't surprised.

Millard and Linda Fuller say they are touched by Don Mosely's decision to resign Habitat's board of directors. "He had been really struggling with what he could do in order to express his dismay over what the board had done," says Fuller.

Mosely issued a statement saying: "I believe Millard was wrongfully accused a year ago of sexual harrassment. This very serious charge launched the conflict that has led to both Millard and Linda's being fired by the IBOD."

Mosely plans to remain close to the organization, but says he can do more off the board than on it.

Fuller says he hopes it will makes other board members rethink their positions, but Habitat Senior Vice President of Communications Chris Clarke doesn't believe any others will step down. "People come and go on boards all the time. "This is something where Mr. Mosely had to put his friendship ahead of his responsibilty as a board member," Clarke says.

In fact, Clarke points to the fact that at last week's meeting the board affirmed the firings. "There was a unanimous vote by the board that the termination of Millard and Linda Fuller would stand and we've sort of closed that chapter of a book," says Clarke.

"A number of board members were not present at the meeting in South Africa, and I know for a fact that some of those members that were not present are struggling with their own consciences in regard to this whole matter," says Fuller.

Clarke says the vote closes the door on any efforts to reconcile with the couple, but Fuller still has hope. "I am remaining involved, engaged, and helpful with all of the people in Habitat for Humanity who did not fire me," Fuller says.

And that's why fuller says he'll continue to work with and volunteer for the organizations affiliates. The reamining 28 members of the board will hold another meeting in June. Officials say at that time they'll choose Mosely's replacement.

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