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St. Teresa's celebrates with green

Albany-- It's St. Patrick's Day, and the students at St. Teresa's School celebrated with their annual Parade. Rain or shine, the kids wore their finest green to honor the Irish Catholic Saint.

St. Patrick's Day is big for the 260 students at St. Teresa's school. Eighth grader Brandon Bracey said "Wearing all the green. It's my favorite, besides Christmas at least."

All the students put on their best green, from the top of their head to the tips of their toes, for the school's annual Parade. Even the dogs get in the act. St. Patrick's Day honors the patron Saint and national apostle of Ireland.

In Southwest Georgia it's a day to put on green, shamrocks, and celebrate all things Irish. St. Teresa's had accordion songs, even a Leprechaun for luck. Leprechaun Jimmy Shemwell said "I like it, and I think it's good for the Catholic Church to celebrate."

The fourth graders showed how to dance an Irish jig. The Fitzmaurice family is originally from Ireland, moving to Albany seven years ago. The celebration there is much different.

Noreen Fitzmaurice said "It's a Saints Day, so we go to mass, and wear Shamrocks to show the trinity. The parade itself is done on the weekend."

Despite the cold, rainy weather, the St. Teresa's students had a big celebration in their St. Patrick's Day parade. This is the school's 60th year, and St. Patrick's Day has been honored every year.

This is the 32nd year for the parade of students, and the luck of the Irish still smiles on them.

History says St. Patrick was taken to Ireland as a slave around 400 A.D. He is credited with spreading Christianity throughout the nation. St. Patrick died on March 17th, and that is why the celebration is on this day.

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