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How high will gas go?

Albany- $1.95, $1.96, and as high as $1.98, on Monday gas prices took a soaring leap, up 17 cents in Southwest Georgia in one day.

"That's the biggest I've seen since I've been here, that's the biggest I've ever seen," said Lisa Lunsford, assistant manager at the Chevron Station. Even though Lunsford dropped prices two cents, the trend of higher prices is affecting sales.

"We hate to do it because in some cases, we see more two dollar and three dollars orders coming through here today. It's understandable because gas is just extremely too high," said Lunsford. Prices are expected to increase by the weeks end.

"We're fixing to be two dollars a gallon, possibly over and that's pretty high for this part of the country," said Joel Cawthon, manager at Fast Break.

Motorists say the higher prices are causing them to shop around, especially when they travel to four schools to pick up grandchildren, nieces, and nephews.

"A penny saved here and a penny saved there, that means a lot especially with gas like it is," said Essie Scott Singleton.

"I guess it's like phone bills, utility bills, anything else, you have to have it and you're pretty much stuck with whatever price they give us. You have to live with it," said motorist Billy Shipley.

Store managers say, they hope motorists can understand.

"I hope motorists know we're not the bad guy. We're just like they are, but we do hear our share of complaints," said Cawthon.

A year ago today, Georgians were paying about $1.58 per gallon. Now, it's almost $1.97, and no one seems to know where prices may stop.

Albany remains about 10 cents below the national average and many convenience store owners say they hope it will remain that way.

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