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Largest one day blood drive is in S. Georgia

Colquitt County - Big goals, for a big purpose. "I am donating blood and going to save a life," says 18 year old Josh Gurley.  He knows how important the gift of life is. He says, "I've been in the hospital in a motor vehicle accident. My sister had to get a transfusion and I want to do everything I can to give somebody the opportunity to be able to get that blood that they need to be able to live."

Before the blood drive even started Wednesday morning at Colquitt County high school, more than 600 people had pledged to give, shaping up as the largest blood drive in Georgia history.

Vickie Kirkley, Health Occupations teacher says, "Not only do we want to get the largest, we want to get blood that is life-saving. We know spring break is coming up so we're trying to furnish the community and the state with blood."

Josh says, "You get the satisfaction of knowing that you're going to save a life and plus you get some t-shirts and some bracelets and some juice, gets you out of class, all the good things associated with it."

But the best part, saving a life, "makes me feel really good," says Josh. And makes someone else thankful to be alive.

Colquitt County High held the largest blood drive for the past two years. Lowndes High will try to take that record away in an upcoming drive.

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