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Artsfest kicks off in Bainbridge

Bainbridge- The Riverside Artsfest began Wednesday under the cover of rain. But that isn't putting a damper on the events.

     From portraits to landscapes, the art displays at the Firehouse Center are sure to catch your eye. This year the art show is celebrating the state of Michigan." But it isn't just about stimulating your eye, organizers say it's also about stimulating your mind. "Our whole purpose of our festival is education, cultural. We focus on the history of the state," says Artsfest board chairwoman, Lynda Todaco.

     That's what helped the Artsfest organization earn tax-exempt status as a non-profit group. They launched a grass-roots education campaign across Decatur County. "We provide notebooks for each school in our county for the teacher to teach out of for the year, regarding the state," says Todaco.

     While this year's show focuses on art about Michigan, organizers also stress that they're not forgetting about artists from our region. "We always have a regional art show. Because we support the arts, we just want to showcase the regional artists," says Todaco.

     The majority of the artwork is for sale. But one thing that isn't is the culture Artsfest wants to pass on to you. "Anybody who wants to come, just come. We want you here," says Todaco. After all, organizers say art is something everyone can appreciate. "It's so important for the community, the arts. I think it's our soul," adds Todaco. And that's something you can take to heart.

     The Riverside Artsfest runs through Sunday. Besides the event at Firehouse Center, there will also be an antique car show, bands, a "flying-high" circus, and dances.

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