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Graduates confident of job openings

Albany-- College students say they have no worries about finding a good job after graduation.

Albany State University held their annual Job Fair Wednesday morning, and dozens of employers were there looking for people. The students know they have their choice in some fields.

"Hello, where is Ogelthorpe County?" 22 year old Senior Clarissa Sparks works Albany State's Job Fair. Clarissa Sparks said "I am here for an opportunity. I am not here for a job, I am here for a career."

48 businesses and government agencies had booths interviewing job applicants. Sparks said "This is a major step. I kind of have to get my ducks in a row."

A marketing major, Sparks knows Georgia is hiring teachers. Sparks said "I know that in high needs areas such as Dougherty County that teaching opportunities are available. As well as the state of Georgia, so I think it would be a good opportunity to teach for non education majors."

Sparks said "I think it's something you have to have a strategic plan, and have focus to do. It's something that takes a lot of preparation."

 Sparks is well received by most of the interviewers. Sparks said "They ask my GPA, am I mobile, willing to relocate, and am I willing to undergo their extensive training programs."

Meanwhile Sparks has questions of the businesses. Sparks said "I'm asking about the culture, the work ethics, and the work environment. Knowing that I have to fit the environment of that company."

 As Clarissa Sparks checks out her opportunities, she is confident. Sparks said "I know I will get a job, I just don't know when."

Most of the school systems Sparks talked to said they had a number of teaching jobs available, because of retirements. They are eagerly seeking people interested in teaching.

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