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Albany boy represents Georgia in Washington

Albany-- Twelve-year-old Bradley Benson is traveling to the nation's capital to represent our state and raise awareness for the Children's Miracle Network.

Bradley was born without a leg and some finger because of rare disorder called Amniotic Band Syndrome. He's relied on Phoebe Putney, the Children's Miracle Network hospital for our area, for treatment.

Recently, CMN chose Benson to represent them in Washington, and Wednesday, he got a surprise farewell. A crowd of screaming kids welcomed Bradley Benson to the Albany airport. "They were clapping like I was a famous star or something," he said.

The superstar farewell surprised the boy and his family. "I said 'What are they doing in there?' I though 'Oh no, I'm going to lose it,' and I started crying. It was so sweet for them to do that," said his mom, Lisa.

Benson is heading to Washington, D.C. to represent the Children's Miracle Network. "They've done so much for me," he said. "They've taken me on trips, given me therapy, they've done everything for me. They're just the best hospital."

"The kindness of the people is just overwhelming," mom said.

Benson has an overwhelming task-- to spread awareness about CMN's work to help all sick children to the nation's lawmakers and our Commander-in-Chief, President Bush. "I'll probably tell him 'Hi' and what a great job he's doing as President of the United States," said Bradley.

But, it's not the face to face meeting with the President that's got Benson nervous. "Flying, because I've never been, and I really don't want to get on an airplane."

But his ability to over-coming fear and obstacles with optimism is one of the very reasons Benson was chosen to be an ambassador hero.

After visiting with lawmakers in Washington, CMN is also sending Bradley and his family on an all-expense paid trip to Disneyland.

More than 17 million kids are treated at children's hospital across America.

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