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Health fair helps senior citizens

Valdosta - Like many senior citizens, Francine Coppage has a growing list of health care concerns. "I think the cost of medications is the main thing," said Coppage.

She needs all the help she can get to keep up with the price tag on prescription drugs. "In the past we could get a 90 day prescription for $15 and now its up to $50 or $75 for that same medication," said Coppage.

Wednesday, she learned about the resources available to her at Valdosta's Senior Citizens Health Fair. "There are a lot of seniors that don't realize all the types of services that are available to them in their local area," said Kelly Hritz, Health Fair Organizer.

From transportation opportunities to nursing home services and financial assistance, more than 20 vendors are on hand to make sure these seniors know what's out there. "They're doing medicare prescriptions, its where they can make cards available so they can have a reduction in the price of medications," said Hritz.

Some are even offering free health screenings to look for things like diabetes and bone density problems. "If you go somewhere, they're gonna charge you for that, she's doing it today for free and its like an osteoporosis check," said Hritz.

Francine is an extremely active senior and plans on staying that way as long as possible. "I want to stay as healthy as I can," said Coppage.

And with the information learned Wednesday, she'll be able to continue living her life to the fullest.

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