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Alapaha votes for mayor

Alapaha- At lunch time there was a small line of voters forming at the Alapaha City Hall.

"It's been pretty steady. We're expecting around maybe 300 people to come and vote, so far we've had about 80," says elections superintendent Renee Copeland.

Those 80 were ready and willing to come out early and cast their vote.

"Everybody's been real positive and willing to come out, and as a matter of fact, some people that are on the inactive list have voted, so we've had a good turnout," Copeland says.

Mayoral candidate Phillip Hoffman is hoping that good turnout proves to be good news for him.

"I'm the retired postmaster and I feel like I have something to offer," he says.

Hoffman says his nearly three decades as postmaster helped him develop a good rapport with the people of Alapaha. If elected he hopes to facilitate growth and togetherness in the city.

"We have a lot of material things that we need and of course all of that depends on how the money comes through and that's hard to come by now-a-days, but I really want to increase our community spirit," says Hoffman.

His opponent Waymond Smith also has plans for growth.

"I see a growth in Alapaha that we could have as far as industries and things that are going to benefit the city as a whole," Smith says.

Smith feels confident that he knows the city's needs and can find a way to fulfill them.

"I'm a lifelong resident, and of course I've been on the fire department for 16 years."

In addition to being a hard-worker Smith says he'll rely on his faith to help him lead if elected.

"I'm a God fearing man and I love God, and I'm going to work in the community with the council," Smith says.

Smith and Hoffman are friends, both have served on the city council, and no matter who voters elect they believe the city of Alapaha will be in good hands.

Waymond Smith resigned his position on the city council to run for mayor, so voters will also select his replacement Tuesday. His brother Timothy Smith, Jr. is facing Kenneth Griner in that race.

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