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Hostage drama promotes Christian book

Albany-- When Rick Warren wrote the popular The Purpose Driven Life, he could not have known that the book would be thrust into the national spotlight because of a killing spree.

But while Ashley Smith was being held hostage by Brian Nichols, that's what she read to him. The Purpose Driven Life, a non-fiction Christian book, has been on the New York Time's best seller list for 112 weeks.

And because of all the attention this criminal case has garnered for the book, sales are up. In fact, it was the first book sold Tuesday morning at Lifeway Christian Store in Albany. The Purpose Driven Life, written by Rick Warren is the fastest selling hardcover non-fiction book in history.

The message of the book is that God has created every person for a specific purpose. "It just shows that if you live your life, with a purpose driven life, that God has a plan and it can be used in any situation and that's what happened with this young lady up in Atlanta," said Lifeway Manager Mike Bertram.

The Purpose Driven Life has been the number one seller at Lifeway bookstores for three months. After Ashley Smith read some of it to the accused quadruple killer, Brian Nichols told her she was an angel sent from God to him.

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