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Albany commissioner turns in controversial laptop

Albany - A city commissioner has given back his laptop computer paid for with money from Mediacom. Commissioner Bob Langstaff says he voted to accept the laptops from Mediacom to save taxpayers the $15,000 it would have cost to buy the computers. After criticism over accepting the computers from a company that does business with the city, Langstaff gave his back, saying he doesn't want his constituents to think he's getting kickbacks.

"I wasn't using it anyway," said Langstaff. "I don't need it, and I don't need the appearance of impropriety that keeps me from doing my job. When anyone complains about anything I do if I can rectify it easily, I'll do it. That was the simplest thing for me to do."

Commissioners Bo Dorough, Jon Howard, and Henry Mathis refused to accept the laptops. Commissioners Tommy Postell and Arthur Williams and the Mayor are still using theirs.

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