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Former assistant chief sues D. A. for malicious prosecution

Woody Hart Woody Hart

Albany-- Woody Hart is seeking more than two million dollars from Hodges and three employees of the Georgia Department of Corrections for false arrest and false imprisonment.

In March 2003, Woody Hart was released from prison after serving 24 months. But Ken Hodges went after him. Even though a judge ruled that Hart be released, Hodges defied the judge and ordered Hart re-arrested.

Now Hart says he lives in fear of being locked up again. Woody Hart was released from federal prison in March 2003, but District Attorney Ken Hodges was determined he serve the final three months of his sentence.

Hodges said, "We attempted to enforce the negotiated plea that he signed voluntarily when he went to prison."

After Hart was released, Hodges had him picked up again. A judge chastised and issued a warning to Ken Hodges for defying his order to let Hart go free.

"The Judge ultimately back tracked and did not give him what he gave him at the original sentencing, and that's the Judge's perogative," Hodges said. "So, quite candidly since then I haven't give it a whole lot of thought."

Monday afternoon, Hodges read the federal lawsuit filed against him. Hodges said, "It looks to be fairly meritless."

Hart, who is serving as his own attorney in filing the suit, declined to talk with us. He is seeking $2.7 million in compensation.

Hodges said the state will likely seek damages against Hart for filing a frivilous lawsuit.

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