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Many residents enjoy the sun on a Sunday afternoon

Albany- While the ducks at Lake Loretta are dipping their heads under water, many Albany residents are stepping out to enjoy the weekend weather.

"It's beautiful, a beautiful day to get out and walk around and enjoy. My wife and I are taking a stroll around the lake and enjoying the scenery and nice windy day," says resident Dr. John Mixon. They've been waiting for weather like this for a long time and they're welcoming it with open arms.

"We recently moved back home from St. Louis so it's a great change to get back home and enjoy this nice weather," says Mixon. An idea that many woke up with this morning when they saw the bright sun peeking through the trees. And they're making the best of it from Lake Loretta to the Flint River downtown.

Little Keith Bradley is having a fun day. He's having a day out in the sun with his family. They say the past few weeks' weather has been putting a damper on family time. "Keeping us in and not being able to get out and exercise," says his mother Lovette Becon.

Lydia Dupree says, "It's been a wonderful day, a great day to come out to the park. I'm finally glad the winter weather may be going away." With the passage of the winter weather people are getting out just to lay back and relax at the park.

Some residents like Karen Macdonald are taking it easy like Sunday morning. "It's such a beautiful day and this is such a great asset to Albany and you know it's such a shame for people not to come down here and utilize it because it's so beautiful."

So for those who are missing out on the welcome weather, "You're missing out. You need to get on out here and enjoy it, fly a kite or walk around the lake or do something. We're trying to make the most of it," says Mixon.

Because you have to catch the nice sun and and easy breeze while you can.

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