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Hundreds have wine for a good cause

Albany-Hundreds of wine glasses greeted attendees at the door of the Fifth Annual Wine Market. "Oh it's been great, it's grown every year. We're expecting over 300 people this year. It's really a great event for Albany," says Girls, Inc. volunteer Jennifer Keel.

A great event for a good cause. All proceeds benefit Girls, Incorporated and several wineries and artists are here to show their support. Radio personality Jazzmine Phoenixx has been participating in the fundraiser for three years now.

"I do this every year it's fun and people come out and I enjoy interacting with the public. It's fun." She enjoys displaying her art but events like this mean so much more on a personal level. "I was a part of Girls, Inc. growing up and I just wanted to do my part and contribute as well," says Phoenixx.

And several hundred attendees are playing their part as well. Randy Hall tries to make it to the event every year to support Girls, Inc. and he says the wine is one of the perks of such a great fundraiser. "I wouldn't say I'm a wine coneisseur. I'm a wine lover and I enjoy different kinds of wine," says Hall.

There's a good amount of different wines to quench his thirst along with art, jewelry, good food and a plain old good time. Wine distributor Bruce Dorminy says, "It's a blast. Everybody has a good time. It's relaxed, a lot of wears, a lot of things to purchase here, and it all benefits Girls, Inc."

"The money goes straight to them so they can do summer programs, enrichment programs, after school programs and they can use the money as they choose," says Keel. But tonight, attendees are choosing from 500 types of wines for a benefit to help thousands of young kids.

Previous year's events raised about seven to eight thousand dollars, so organizers are hoping to meet or exceed that goal.

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