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Parents camp out for spot in Pre-K

Leesburg- The doors didn't open until 8 AM, but many parents spent hours camped out in front of the Lee County Board of Education.

"We got here at 4:00 this morning," says Brian Deese.

"We came last night a little after 11 PM," says Ann Ethridge.

"We don't encourage parents to come out early, but it is first come first served, so in order for them to be able to get into the program here at the school system they do come early," says Pre-K Project Director Adrienne Hamlin.

According to the parents who were able to enroll their children it was time well spent.

"I think it's the reputation of the Lee County school system. Everyone wants to move to Lee County and be able to have their child in the school system," Ethridge says. "It's free, so that's a plus too."

Mrs. Hathcock's Pre-K class is one of eight in the program.

"We can only take 20 children in each classroom, so it's a 160," Hamlin explains.

Only 160 four and five year olds from the entire county that will have a chance to go to school here, but for those parents who didn't make it in time officials say there's still hope.

"We do also encourage parents that don't make it into the school system's Pre-K programs to go to our day cares throughout the community. I believe there are six here in Lee County that actually also get funding from Bright From the Start, so they can go to Pre-K free of charge in those day cares," Hamlin says.

Lee County Pre-K officials remind parents that they still may have to pay for before and after care for their children if they choose to put them in a private lottery-funded program.

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