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T'ville ring connected to record Atl. bust?

Thomasville- A Thomasville drug ring may have connections to a record meth bust in Atlanta.

     One suspect, Amos Radney, has been arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute in Thomasville. He's also charged with possession of cocaine with intent.

     Radney was arrested while trying to deliver the drugs to several known dealers. Agents discovered he may be connected to the bust in Atlanta after checking his phone records. "We also did some interviews and found that he is hooked up with some people in Fulton County, Georgia where he could get large quantities of methamphetamine, ice meth, and large quantities of cocaine," says Thomasville / Thomas County narcotics agent Kevin Lee.

     Earlier this week, agents in Atlanta seized 174 pounds of meth. It had a street value of $16,000,000.

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