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Millions in Grady school renovations

Cairo- Millions of dollars in renovations on Grady County schools are an extensive project officials say has been a long time in the making.

     Superintendent Steve Wooten says please pardon the dust at the main project: Cairo High School's auditorium. "Our band folks have been very gracious working in the midst of all this hammering, sawing, scraping and brick laying," he says.

     The auditorium renovation is a $1.3 million project. But that's not all. "Every school is in for something," says Wooten. From classrooms to gyms, Grady's schools are getting facelifts across the board. "We've got about nine million dollars worth of work on the table right now. In the next two months, we're going to let it out for bidding," says Wooten.

     The educators aren't the only ones who'll reap the benefit of the renovations. A site behind Cairo High School will be the new maintenance building. "We can move the maintenance shop, tear down the existing buildings, and give additional playground areas, new parking spaces, and maybe a new bus pickup for Southside," says Wooten.

     New facilities, and new technology are something Wooten says staff and students in Grady County can't wait for, especially in Cairo Highs' auditorium. "We'll come back with a sound booth. It'll house the sound, the light system, the spotlights. Everything will be controlled right here. Now we don't have that capability," says Wooten.

     And if the bidding goes well in the next two months there will be more good things to come for Grady County Schools. "Hopefully this summer there'll be a lot of dust kicked up in Grady County," says Wooten.

     Wooten adds that within the next year, there will be no more mobile classrooms in Grady County. All of the renovations are being paid for with SPLOST money.

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