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Student shines during morning announcements

Brooks County - Students at North Brooks Elementary start each Friday in a unique way. Full of enthusiasm and charisma, nine-year-old Derrick Yearby announces the school's Fabulous Friday program. "When a student does good in a subject or has a talent, I go up to the front every Friday and announce the thing they did," said Yearby.

But this isn't your average school announcements. Derrick is given a list of student accomplishments to read , then adds a little spunk to motivate his classmates. "I say something at the end like you go girl, or readers or leaders, or you go Einstein to get them pumped up," said Yearby.

"He can ad-lib, he can come up with things that the kids enjoy, and everyone loves it," said Principal Irma Hall.

Derrick's energy captures the attention of other students, and he even has his own little spirit club to cheer him through the announcements. As for what he wants to be when he grows up, "Well, I was gonna play a football," said Yearby.

But with all this talent, Derrick can't imagine pursuing anything but a career in broadcasting.

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