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Dougherty County courthouse security to be reviewed

Albany -- So what can be done to prevent these courthouse shootings? That's what they hope to figure out now here in Dougherty County.

As a result of this Atlanta shooting there will be an immediate review of security at the Dougherty County Courthouse.

 Deputies wear guns into Dougherty County courtrooms, but they're secured inside safety holsters. Captain Tim Hanington said "It has a built in security device in it to keep someone from snatching it from the Deputy. There has to be another motion."

Even so, the sheriff is taking a long hard look at courthouse security now. Dougherty County Sheriff Jamil Saba said "This is close to home. You got a situation like that in the courtroom, anything can happen."

The only way into and out of the Courthouse for the general public is through the front door, where everyone must pass through a metal detector and x-ray inspection. Most doors have security locks that require pass cards. Sheriff Saba said "A lot of people who come in here they get perturbed sometime going through this, but it's for their safety too."

Just hours after the Fulton County Shooting, Judge Loring Gray and Sheriff Saba already plan to meet to discuss courtroom security again. Judge Gray said "It's a terrible thing to learn from, but I think we all will."

The Fulton County tragedy has court and law enforcement everywhere reviewing their security procedures, doing all they can to make sure it never happens in their courtroom.

 Dougherty Superior Court convenes Monday morning.

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