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Portable bumps put out to slow speeders

Lee County- Martindale Drive in Callaway Lakes can be a busy road for a neighborhood street.

"It's providing access from North Doublegate all the way down into Dougherty County," said Lee County Administrator Langford Holbrook.

Sometimes there's a problem with speeders. So Lee County has bumped up the effort to slow them down.

"Folks either love 'em or hate 'em," Holbrook said. "That seems to be how it goes."

You get plenty of warning to reduce your speed because there's signs posted to bring your attention to the bump ahead. If you're going the speed limit, it's a smooth ride.

"But if you get to far in excess of the speed limit then it does, you do notice them and want to slow down."

This bump won't be here for long, because if it was, the state wouldn't pay to resurface the road.

"But that's the key," Holbrook said. "You just don't want a permanent thing there or DOT will not resurface that road for you."

Albany neighborhoods have the same problems with speeders.

"It's a common complaint I get as a city commissioner," said Albany City Commissioner Bob Langstaff.

Especially around East and West Doublegate Drives. Some commissioners have asked about speed bumps, but they can't risk losing state money.

"The Georgia Department of Transportation has an unwritten rule that they will not repave any streets under the LARP program, which we depend on heavily in the city of Albany."

Lee County says it won't be a problem as long as they're portable. So they'll keep moving them around to bring speeders down to the limit.

posted by brannon.stewart@walb.com

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