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Habitat volunteers visit Albany school

Albany -- About 80 college students, spending their spring break in Albany volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, had lunch with elementary school students Thursday.

"Do you want to continue as you go up through your grades? Maybe. Maybe be President of the United States one day." Leigh Ann Miller, a sophomore at Loch Haven University in Pennsylvania, hopes to be a teacher one day. So she enjoyed a tour of Lincoln Fundamental School.

 "Do you get along with your sister? Sometimes." Miller is one of dozens of Loch Haven students spending their spring break in Albany with Habitat for Humanity.

Miller said "I was going to go to South Carolina with a friend to the beach, hang out there. But I wanted to help someone out."

"Homework. You guys get a lot of homework already?" Breana Patterson is a cheerleader at Boston College, but decided for the second year to work with Habitat instead of hitting the beach. Patterson said "Just to really devote a week to service. And just to focus on something that's completely outside of your everyday life."

"You guys play basketball? We play basketball." About 80 college students from Loch Haven, Boston College, and the University of New Brunswick in Canada had elementary school students give them a tour of their school during their lunch break.

 Miller said "To come and see these kids and see how appreciative they are of our help, is just incredible."

Patterson said "It's so rewarding and so good. I think it's better than any other spring break trip." Most of these college students will be in Albany through Friday working for Habitat, before heading back to their own schools.

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